Muggy is a contestant competing on TOATI, and has a general chance at winning the game.


Gender: Female

Episode Eliminated: TBA


Friends: Potato, Cone, Weight, Skittle(Possibly), Tapey, Shell, Barrel,Hexagony

Enemies: Boomerang, Bowling Ball(Possibly), Lemon, Football, Pizza


Likings and DislikingsEdit

Since Muggy is disliked, she should be liked a little by the viewers due to her personality, Muggy has 20% likings and 80% dislikings.So Muggy might have a good chance of being the most disliked by the contestants and a good chance to be eliminated.


Muggy appears as a shy, nice, and caring contestant, even though Muggy was killed a lot of times, she actually does not care. Muggy is the only one that does not have a friend, though she does have a lot of justice and fairness inside her, but she accidentally hurts them, so the others get mad at her .So that's why Muggy is the only one without a friend. Also,like Barrel, she is not well liked due to dislikings of the other contestants.


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