Lemon idle

lemon's body

Lemon, labeled the Sour Citrus, is a kinda mean, mediocre contesant. He sometimes will be negaitive and calm. He was eliminated 1st, but rejoined in Episode 8. Lemon has a uncommon chance of winning TOATI.


  • Lemon is the only contestant to be on all 3 teams.

Lemon body

Lemon's old body


ECC version of Lemon

Gender: Male

Episode Eliminated: I Gotz A Win Token (Rejoined in 8-Bit Adventures) Destination Calibration

Place: TOATI: 23rd/7th

Friends: Spoon

Enemies: Gun, Boomerang, Claw, Skittle, Bowling Ball, MuggyWaggy
Lemons Twin Brother