Crown seen in the intro

Crown body

Crown's Body

Crown, labeled the Royal Fatty, is a wired,funny,and personality changing contestant.Out of all of the contestants,crown is the most fat and biggest of all contestants.Crown has a rare chance of winning TOATI.Also,like Shell, she is the 2nd most wiredest charecter on the show. Crown was eliminated by the contestants on episode 5. Chili pepper had 1 vote, icicle had 3 votes, and crown had 4 votes. The only differences between crown and spongy from bfdi is that crown is not smelly, and that crown is heavier, and crown is a royal object unlike spongy.


Crown's personality is wired,funny,and nervous when she has a risk of being eliminated.Due too crown's personality, she was eliminated very early(4th).Crown's elimination was unknown(just like Shell).Crown has 07.31 chance of rejoing back to the game(which is really low).


Crown's apperance is sometimes shy and funny competitor.Out of everybody,crown is the most biggest due to him being fat.Crown's elimination was early for some reason,and actully nobody knows at all.Mabey the elimination is probably due to looking like spongy which is really dislikeable.


Gender: Female

Episode Eliminated: This party's killer

Place: TOATI: 21st

Friends: Pizza(possibly), Volleyball

Enemies: Boomerang, Bowling Ball, Skittle, Claw, Icicle, Football, Master Revenge Token